A Custom Branded Platform Independent Web-portal for your tenants

RE: Xp Web is a device-independent & mobile responsive tenant portal for your tenants to find, book & live in your properties and experience all the services offered by you on the go!

Features & Benefits

Setup your listings website with your branding

Expand your online presence with an additional channel to help prospective tenants find you. Set up your tenant portal with your own logo, brand colors & typeface. 

Help Tenants view all vacant properties in a specific location

Enable tenants to filter properties based on their preferences.

Showcase Property Information

Showcase your vacant properties & enable your tenants to find and choose the right properties for them via the custom branded tenant portal.

Populate all information about the properties including virtual tours

The editor lets you add or remove the information displayed based on your business needs.

Set Visiting Hours & take Bookings

Set visiting hours and start receiving appointments from prospective tenants who want to check out your property.

Enable the tenants to pay the token amount via a Bookings form.

Build a Community

Keep your tenants updated with what’s happening in your community with Notices & Discussions

Ensure everyone’s opinion matters in community decisions with Vote & Poll


Provide an effortless payment experience to your tenants with Flexible online payment methods

Help Tenants pay their dues on time

Instant and secure payments anytime, anywhere!

Payment history available anytime for due diligence.


Tenants calling you late at night to complain about maintenance issues? With RE: Hub say no to midnight calls today!

Allow your tenants to file maintenance requests via the Customer Portal

Update your tenants about the ticket progress via In-app conversations

Coming Soon

Facility Booking

Encourage your tenants to enjoy all facilities via online
facility booking

Maximise facility utilisation with Facility booking calendar

Collect facility booking payments

Notify your tenants about their upcoming facility booking so that they don’t miss having fun


Contactless Document Sharing

Share important documents & community guidelines with your tenants directly 

Your tenants can now upload their id proofs via the Portal and you can do the background check in a gify


Pamper your tenants with amazing offers and coupons from online and offline vendors

Add an income stream to your organisation by charging your vendors for the leads

Apply your own branding

Add your own logo & brand colors to make the portal feel like your own

Custom Branded Portal_Customer Portal

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