The ultimate web dashboard to track and monitor your complete business

Navigate through everything business at one platform

Your central hub

Your entire team, analytics, records – all of it – accessible in one place for easy record keeping and sharing.

Stay on top of all your assets

All the data on all assets within your portfolio, including customer profiles and information on suppliers, vendors, staff members on your fingertips.

Accounts and finances

Automated invoicing, payment collection, issue of receipts upon payment, and expense management.

Streamline operations

Robust facility management to manage complaints, tickets, planned preventive maintenance activities, and much more.

Engage customers

Build a community by letting your customers interact with each other and build relationships.

Monitor movement, ensure security

Track and monitor movement into all properties through the robust visitor management module for all.

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Key Wins when you use TheHouseMonk

Key Wins_White Labeling


Get your branding in place for an exclusive experience for your customer

Key Wins_Customisations


On-demand integration and custom features

Key Wins_Localisation


Multi-lingual, Multi-currency  & tax compliant system is available across the globe

Key Wins_Support

Endless Support

Bots are so 2010’s; talk to a person who will immediately find you solutions

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