Global Coliving Report 2019

Who is this report for?

The Global Co-living Report – 2019 is an attempt to educate the readers about the fast growing coliving industry and help understand the nuances of the space. The report is meant for –

  • People working in or servicing the coliving industry
  • Real estate developers, hospitality companies, Coworking Providers and other allied industries
  • Investors looking to learn about more about the growing opportunity in coliving
  • Startup enthusiasts who are interested in a new age business that is growing quickly


Some key insights of this report

Readers will be learning interesting insights including –

  • How many people are actually living in coliving facilities across the world? (Hint: It’s more than 1 Million!)
  • What’s the actual market size of the coliving market (in $)? How does it change for different countries?
  • What’s the average rent paid by a tenant living in coliving properties across the globe?
  • What are the key challenges affecting the growth of the coliving industry?
  • What are some of the interesting trends to watch out for?