Investing in Tenant Experiences by Student Housing Operators

Student housing management companies need to rethink every aspect of their business and keep student or tenant expectations at the centre of the ecosystem, and rebuild every process

4 Ways Technology Is Transforming Rental Real Estate.

To remain relevant in today’s rental real estate market, you need to equip yourself with the latest technological innovations.  In fact, a study by Deloitte shows that 92% of real estate businesses plan to invest more on tenant-experience-related technology such as property management solutions. By taking advantage of technology, you can streamline your operations and

How to grow your rental portfolio blog by
Property Managers: How To Grow Your Rental Portfolio

5 tricks to grow your rental portfolio help you reach more landlords, get better referrals, & establish yourself as an industry leader.

Student Housing Marketing in 2021: Empowering Strategies for PBSA Providers

Four novel & unique marketing tactics designed to trump 2021 for student housing.

We are ready for remote work – But are we ready for remote salaries?

Would companies hire and pay premium salaries when they can hire people in other countries willing to work for much lesser? Roughly 7 months into this pandemic, most people have started building their PoVs on remote work and a possible model of what the future of work looks like (when we have a safe way

The Instagram Approach To Real Estate Valuation

Apps are valued based on their usage and their users – Why isn’t the same applicable to real estate? It’s interesting how technology companies and their products are valued by investors. At TheHouseMonk, we look closely at a lot of metrics around the usage of our products, and investors look at them in keen detail as

Will there ever be an Amazon for Real Estate?

The $1.5 Trillion internet behemoth has revolutionised the way people buy products. Why hasn't anyone done the same for real estate?

Real Estate in Emerging Economies – Lack of Data

No systems in place to capture important information

Selling PropTech in Emerging Economies

5 tips to super charge sales efforts to real estate businesses in emerging markets

TheHouseMonk has raised $5 Million in Financing from AurumProptech & is geared towards global expansion