Coliving sees strong growth of 20% YoY in 2019

The Global coliving market is now worth close to $7.5 Billion (Up from $6.3 Billion in 2018) with close to 3 Million people living in organized coliving setups across the world. China is the breakaway global leader with more than 2.5 million people staying in coliving facilities and about $6.7 Billion being paid to coliving

Smart lighting to Smart entry: Technology paving way for efficiency in office spaces

From self-driven cars and facial recognition to biometric security scans at offices, technology has made operations and management efficient. We have heard horror stories about how technology will make human beings redundant, however the simple truth is that technology does, in fact make our lives easier and it’s here to stay for good.   When it

Less personal space and larger common areas – a popular choice for ideal workplace: TheHouseMonk Survey 2019

There’s no doubt that the physical work environment has a big impact on productivity and employee satisfaction. The typical office design has undergone several transformations over the years, going from private offices to fixed work desks to the now-trendy co-working spaces. Factors like globalization and technology have today resulted in new and exciting questions about

The changing face of security in Gated Communities

From strong deadbolts to facial recognition locks, home security has come a long way and how. Gated communities, the modern-day crusaders of inclusive and safe living, gain ultimately with technology in security. From having guards on stand-by manually reviewing and filtering visitors (which have rapidly risen due to the proliferation of e-commerce deliveries) to all

Handbook on Managing Assets for Owners, Property Managers and Asset Managers

It is universally agreed that the most important aspect of owning a property is the ability to manage and maintain it properly. Luckily, there are specific management requirements that will help keep your property up, running and generating revenue for the long-run. These can be completely hands on, or you can outsource them to property management companies

The new real estate investment star – Football Grounds

It’s no secret that the business of Football is big money. The world’s most popular sport also churns out the highest numbers in business, making it a prime investment target. But going beyond the stadiums and its clubs, the beautiful game is fast emerging as a successful real estate investment option. Right from Schools placing

Ready-guide for co-living operators for long-term sustainability

The term co-living has undergone multiple changes over the last ten years. Today, co-living has progressed into a social movement that focuses not just on the convenience that shared housing provides, but on a sense of community and collaboration. But will it stand the test of time? The market says, yes. It’s here to stay.

5 Tips buyers could give sellers, if they could

Whether you’re looking to invest in a property or a home, it isn’t always easy. It’s an important decision which includes looking into a lot of legalities, formalities and back and forth involved. The main aim is to satisfy both parties – buyer and seller. We have so much information out there about how to

Unique coworking spots around the world

What do coworking spaces call mostly for? More freedom? Flexibility? Yes. Coworking spaces provide people the chance to have a shared work space that’s affordable, as well as a community for making connections and building friendships. The rapid growth of coworking spaces is the talk of the real estate town these days. It has significantly

Tips to recover maintenance dues from defaulters

Possibly the biggest problem all residential and commercial buildings face is collection of monthly maintenance bill from different residents (both owners and tenants). A recent research conducted by TheHouseMonk has indicated that only 50% of residents make their payments on-time without any reminder – that’s a startling low number and a cause of concern for